this drunk got taken for a ride!


Gerle Kittler lies asleep at a station blissfully unaware his mates carried him there after he dozed off at a party.

They wheeled still-sleeping Gerle, 25, and the sofa more than a mile to the local station near Warngau, Germany, and put him on a train after buying a single ticket for him and a bike ticket for the settee.

He only woke up on a platform four miles down the line in Warngau, Germany, still stretched out on his couch being quizzed by police.

“I always sleep like a baby so I didn’t notice anything until the cops shook me awake and demanded my ID. I thought I was in the middle of a bad movie,” said Gerle.

A second rude awakening came when he realised he had no cash and his mobile battery was flat.

“I ran four miles home and went straight back to bed,” he said.


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